The Team

The Team

Paul Tschirgi

Hey, I’m a 3D artist/programmer half breed. I want to make amazing games that are incredibly fun and also totally new. Go ahead and subscribe so you can see every step of the process. Whether you’re a fellow developer or a gamer that wants to share input- Welcome!

I’ve spent 10 years learning 3D animation before I realized making games is the best part of 3D art and learning programming is the way to bring game mechanics to life. I’ve worked on a dozen personal projects and released one mobile game and can’t wait to get a Virtual Reality game going. I have big ambitions for what I can accomplish with a small team and am excited to share my vision with the world.


Savannah Myers

I’m a 3D Artist, Expert Generalist, and Unity Developer.







Jon Fiebig

I’m a legendary programmer.