Feature Rundown

Feature Rundown

I just put out the latest version of Electra and decided to do a crash course of using the tool and talking about some of the exciting features my writing program contains!
For those of you who have not yet seen it, you can watch it below, don’t forget to subscribe!

Feature List

  • Auto updating patcher/launcher hub program
  • Multiple game modes to load writing files into
  • 7 Personality defining traits
  • Character list organization
  • Nested Flow Chart- Every step is a pairing of player and ai with depth calculation
  • Tone dictionary 132 combinations based on 12 parameters top 2 absolute value
  • Easy Enter to Enter typing for fast lengthy dialog creation
  • Text messaging output window for easy simulation of possible paths and understanding long conversations
  • Calculation window for understanding characters reaction to player choices and selection of ai response
  • Multiple filter and chunk modes for variability in flow of conversation
  • Meaningful monologue where multiple choices in a row can be chained into a personalized chained response back
  • Premise variables of Location, Action, Tag and Time, Situation, and Relationship
  • Ai initiated conversations based on action events
  • Revolutionary meaning and tone grouping structure to organize deeply expansive dialog choices and be able to manage the outcomes
  • In game support for topic switching (tree branch jumping to ongoing conversation trees without direct connections)
  • Conditions for managing what topics are accessible when or based on certain variables like relationship
  • Multi character conversation support

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