Rebuilding the Game, Back in VR

Rebuilding the Game, Back in VR

It’s been 2 months since I was even looking at the actual Forbidden Technique game files. The writing/content creation tool for the game, Electra, is all done for now, but I can’t load and play the tests I’ve made yet. I’ve had a long history of work on the virtual reality mechanics for the game.

From focusing on stealth using players head movement, to spell casting, to locomotion, to ai movement, to conversation dialog choice and visualization mechanics.

And of course it is the conversation mechanics on which I had a complete evolution in thinking about the project and what I really wanted to build. And so here I am finally walking away from the tool I needed to be able to even comprehend what I needed for building a deeper conversation system in a game.

It may seem strange to the outsider or even myself that I would create a complex writing tool and there is no game to load and run the files at all. I have been trying to setup the game to load the files at multiple points in the past 2 years. I learned a lot, but I wasn’t that happy with the end result. Reading the text was difficult, or selecting the desired option was unwieldy. The sample content I made was dysfunctional and not interesting narrative wise. The communication of impact of the options was confusing or non existent, the animations were partially cool, but often broken and prone to glitches.

Basically it’s been really hard to nail down a satisfactory mechanic for conversation in the game. I think that at some point it dawned on me, not just that I needed to build it well, but it needed to be incredibly well done. Because the mechanic isn’t just a small aspect of the game. It’s the mind, body, and soul of the game.

It’s multiplied by 10,000 times. Because you’re selecting EVERY single step of the conversation which could be 30-100 each conversation you have with a person.

So it’s the most important game mechanic I’ve ever worked on. It’s my favorite game project of all time, and so I want to do it right. This is I think my 5th real iterative attempt. I’ve done a lot of design reflection and I hope to start uploading footage compelling the greatest writers and thinkers of the world to dive into using the tool as well.

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