Content Creation Tool way ahead of Actual Game

Content Creation Tool way ahead of Actual Game

Electra is becoming very stable. Definitely some unfinished finesse features like 2-dimensional layouts (incremental + on/off) for organizing thousands of chat chunks, but in general things are taking on serious polish. The troublesome all characters menu is even working fairly well with staying in sync with active individual file for editing.

There are a few need to have fixes and features such as deleting line connections in the conversation chunk editor and making the file saving system a bit more fool proof in case you change character’s names.

But the light at the end of the tunnel for me has always been moving past this stage and onto the player facing game of it all. Making this tool became it’s own massive project which I thoroughly enjoyed much of. It was incredibly difficult, but I have grown an incredible amount as well both as a designer and a programmer.

The cool part is that I feel like using the content tool with the game will be insanely fun. I can write out a few dialog exchanges at any time and then pop into the game in VR and talk it out. Along with this system I’ve launched the four game modes: Story, Cannon+, Beyond, and Speed Dating.

Story mode plays the normal game (cannon) or at least whatever stage it’s at during the development process.
Cannon+ is files added or edited by a user on top of the normal game, hence cannon plus extra. The philosophy of cannon plus is to be inspired by and extend the original story or world with new characters or new conversations, but the discretion is completely up to the users.
Beyond is a category that contains stories or worlds that are significantly different or completely new worlds and stories relative to the normal story.

Speed Dating is a new mode that is perfect for testing and developers such as myself. It allows you to select an individual character and talk to them immediately after launching the game. I’ll probably be almost exclusively using this mode for a long time because testing characters chronologically would be very slow and eventually impossible.

I think it would also be the recommended mode for other users to create in, especially when starting out. It will probably also be the most effective demoing mode because it will be time sensitive/efficient and also get to the heart of the game very quickly rather than the slower introduction the game would have normally through the story.

I have a lot of ideas and story details planned that I’ve been burning to create and save in the Electra formats and play through so I’m super excited about the next stage of work when it’s fully about the writing and playing rather than tool making.


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