The Game or the Tool

The Game or the Tool

Forbidden Technique and Electra continue to progress as a game project and writing tool that I am very proud of and can’t wait to see get a little further along.

Electra the writing tool presents a complex problem though. Its design was inspired to solve the problem of meaningless and unfair dialog options in dating simulation games, but the potential applications for multidimensional organization of speaking choices have overwhelmed me at times.

Is creating a structure to understand women creating a lot more?

I’m not sure, it does seem that way and I’ve spent about 2 years so far trying to figure out if that hypothesis is correct. The tricky part is that in order to figure out what Electra can do outside of an exciting dating game, the tool needs to have those features and I need to figure out how to interface with arrays of arrays of arrays of arrays both as a creator and on the behalf of players/users.

Nesting as a concept is pretty much at the heart of simplifying and organizing all the information, but graphically displaying it and making sure the huge number of combinations never result in error is a strenuous challenge.

Anyways, spin offs are an interesting demon. When a unique thing is created it inspires unique applications and without much experience in handling products that practically demand maturity in all directions it becomes a burden at times.

Which is frustrating and funny because I don’t even know how much all of Electra’s applications are worth, if anything across the board.

So I’m doing my best to keep my highest priorities and goals in mind and not become the servant for the perceived wishes of an unfinished product/tool.

At the end of the day, I started all this work to make a great game in a way that had never been done before. I’ve stumbled across what may be a secret treasure, but either way I’ve got what I need and I need to stop trying to understand what the treasure chest wants.

Running with the metaphor a bit further- I’ve been stopping on my journey, loot in my arms to question passerby. “Does this look like real gold to you?”
“Do you think this would be valuable if it were your treasure?”
“This treasure seems different than other treasure for these reasons, do you think that makes it special?”

Perhaps what I really need is to go find a treasure expert who knows something about the type of bounty I’m holding or even whether it’s fool’s gold after all.

I’ve spoken to many people about it, but I’m not really sure what kind of validation or evaluation of the tool I’m looking for.

I already feel accomplished and smart, but I don’t think I’d avoid an extra assurance either. I have a hard enough time knowing the value of what I’ve got and I’ve been staring at it for almost 2 years, still unsure of the majority of it’s potential.

Ah well, perhaps the best thing to do is to is to focus on what excites me about the project or how to have fun with it.

It might not be far enough along to get strong guidance, and it may be too far along for me to quit or take a break based on weak or tentative guidance.

I mean blog posts like this aren’t very relevant to other people I would guess. It’s probably more like I’m journaling online instead of in my notebook every once in a while to hope that the change of pace and style will shake out some new breakthrough or reel in a helpful guide.

Perhaps this is more like an emphasized record for myself in the future to look back on. Since I go through a hundred or more pages of notebook a month, maybe I need a simple thought of the month on my blog to help orient myself across a longer time span.

It’s funny to think of projects as being swamped down by the actual work you put into them to the point where you have a hard time relating to the project or mission you started with, but I find it to be very true.

Perhaps it’s an unrealistic wish to have a consistent priority set and goal with a steady supply of motivation across time periods of years. Especially the fetch quests upon fetch quests you can get stuck on on projects. To save this file you need to setup a variable holder in this file, then this file has an array of those files which needs to draw parameters from another file, all of those files together are organized by a slot file, and all slot files are saved in a recentslotselector file, that file is loaded and used to display and organize all the other files.

Ugh, chain fetch quests.

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