Electra Done! But Who Cares?

Electra Done! But Who Cares?

I have been adamant about the importance of Electra to those interested in dialog choice and interactive stories in games. I have created a system that takes the flow chart and gives it another dimension of choice and complexity, resulting a more realistic and powerful experience for players that is also skillful and meaningful compared to ALL previous systems.

But even if my assertion is correct, why should you care? Beyond a handful of eager experimenters currently diving into Electra, the opportunity has not struck a chord with people yet.

Easily visible next to the promise of grandeur and new frontiers is the heightened demand on time and energy for you to get there. Additionally it’s not clear what exactly the player experiences of your labor.

The writing file gets loaded into a VR game, but most people don’t have a VR headset. The VR game that loads the file is incomplete and doesn’t have good visuals.

The game is not even ‘early access’ yet and so promises of getting to share your work with others, let alone SELL your writings on a game launcher storefront seems pretty intangible.

So it should not have surprised me that, while interesting to almost everyone with a gamer or philosophical interest, almost no one has taken a dedicated interest to using Electra.

Now it is true that I haven’t called Electra complete until 2 days ago, so using an incomplete writing tool may have also been a turn off for many, but about 90% of all the features have been working for 3 months. And I have been reaching out to people I think would be interested or gifted for using it.

I hope to change people’s minds, but one thing is clear: Whatever I’ve been trying up until this point has not been working.

I definitely am more of an ‘ideas guy’ than a salesman. So the marketing and outreach is something I really want to work on and get help from people on. I remain absolutely convinced that I am offering one of the most valuable game content creation tools of the era.

And if I am correct then the only missing piece is getting that across to the people who can take advantage of Electra.

The most exciting thing about this stage in the process is I can FINALLY move beyond discussing theory and potential. I can start capturing video of what I’m able to build with Electra myself through the VR game that loads the files.

Showing is incredibly superior in almost all ways than telling. I was probably too arrogant to think that sharing the theory would connect with more people than it did without much of any ‘final product’ material to show alongside.

I also mistakenly thought the barrier to entry was more so explaining how to USE Electra, rather than why they should get excited or into it.

There remain, many reasons not to get into Electra YET. But I firmly believe that a larger portion of the creative community will want to get involved as I make a stronger case with actual videos of the end result, more engaging tutorials, and trailer pitches.

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