Conversation Premise and Simulated Path

Conversation Premise and Simulated Path

One of the last big changes to Electra before Beta Release is the addition of the Premise Graphic within the galaxy view of the conversation system. A core part of Electra is the dynamic step by step calculation of the Ai’s degree of response on a scale of 1-10. But building a dynamic branching conversation tree quickly becomes hard to keep track of in a what it will be like for the player sense after awhile. So the text chat window was made a while ago to simulate how the conversation would go if you choose specific options as a player. Although over time more factors were added to the Ai’s response besides just the tone that the player chooses. Which is accurate to real life, that saying things in the best way from the girl’s perspective does not guarantee a way into her heart.

In fact the discussion of all the factors that play into courting a girl is a long one that can be seen on the team’s youtube channel’s MAGFEST panel:


So that’s where the Premise comes in. The premise is what is the relationship between the player and the person they are talking to that impacts the calculation of how the person will respond to the player. The 2 exposed parameters in a dynamic sense are Bond and Spark. These parameters specifically change from conversation to conversation and change a small amount during each step within a conversation.

Bond is the friendliness the girl feels towards you. Essentially Positive To Negative with Neutral in the middle, specifically platonic.

Spark is the attraction the girl feels to you which is very importantly separate from Bond.

Now how these properties are changed (improved or harmed) is based on each Girl’s individual Personality. Now the girl’s personality stays the same the entire game which acts as a more solid foundation for understanding what each girl will like or dislike. Personality consists of 3 separate properties. But more on that later!

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